Forget the idea of eating only noodles when camping. We have made a list with what food to take for camping, trekkings and short walkings – so as to fare well, very well!

After two years camping and living in our home-car for 6 months, we created this shop list and with tips of dishes (both for vegetarians and for who eats meat).

There are tips from us and also from our friend Lucélia de Melo, who is a vegetarian and every year goes camping and climbing in Patagonia. Keep on reading!o que levar para comer em acampamento

What we took to eat in our camper trip (Image: Local Planet)

Breakfast and Snack – what food to take for camping

  • Bread (it can be Syrian, that doesn’t have problem with kneading or breaking)
  • Cheese
  • Tapioca (a Brazilian flour made of manioc)
  • Coffee Powder – can be done in a moka or fabric filter
  • Peanut butter – great source of proteins
  • Nuts and seed – also good source of proteins
  • Dehydrated fruit
  • Granola and oats – we like to mix hot water and it looks like a porridge, then we put fruits and honey
  • Fruits like banana, apple, tangerine
  • Eggs – we take it inside a plastic bowl and in plastic bags, both to cushion impact, and hold the dirt in case they break
  • Cookies and chocolate
  • Guava paste, jelly or other candy
  • Sweet potato
  • Teas
  • Honey

We like to have a great breakfast, so then it is possible to enjoy the day and only take a snack, so at night have another great meal again. Hot run coffee. Granola, oats, fruits and honey. Bread toasted on the frying pan or tapioca with butter. Omelette with tomato, onion and cheese. These are the things we usually take to eat at breakfast while camping.

Then we prepare snacks to leave, like peanut butter sandwich (which is a great source of protein), cooked eggs, dehydrated fruits, cooked sweet potato, apple and tangerine, chocolate, walnuts and seeds. It is nice to take plastic bags, Zip Lock style, that makes easier separating small portions to carry during the day.

For more tips of what kitchenware to take, take a look in our list with what to take for camping and cooking.o que comer em acampamento - frutas e cafe

Breakfast at camping, with fruits, walnuts, coffee run into a special filter for camping (Images: Local Planet)

Lunch and Dinner – what food to take for camping

  • Cooked beans in the box
  • Dehydrated mashed potatoes
  • Mix for polenta (Brazilian corn meal)
  • Ready Yuca
  • Tomato puree
  • Pasta
  • Cooked corn
  • Dehydrated seasoning: garlic, onion, basil
  • Vegetables – sweet potato (can’t be missing), carrot, zucchini and more
  • Cucumber and tomato for salads
  • Grated cheese
  • Salt
  • Shoyo
  • Soy Oil
  • Powder Soup
  • Powder juice (work as isotonic)

This was our standard shopping list while living 6 months in our camper (that is a car/home). Then we kept creating dishes combinations: rice, beans, fried egg and yuca; pasta, tomato puree, cooked corn and vegetables; vegetarian risotto with sweet potatoes and mushrooms; mashed potatoes or polenta with soy protein; yakisoba; vegetables soup; “pizza” with tapioca dough (we prepared it open, with pizza ingredients).

Nice to take to eat in the camping yuca and grated cheese, that always bring a special taste. Besides, with the cold weather the teas and semi-ready soups are savior to get hot.

For Vegetarians and Vegans – what food to take for camping

  • Big and small soy protein: substitutes the ground beef
  • Dehydrated mushrooms, like shiitake
  • In the car we also have a 2-liter pressure cooker, then we prepare other grains, like lentils, chickpeas and beans

To prepare it is quite simple, just hydrating the mushrooms and soy protein in warm water for about 10 minutes, then substitute the meat from the main dishes. The small soy protein substitute the ground beef and the big one, meatballs, for example. With the mushroom we like to prepare yakisoba, risotto, mix with vegetables or put inside sandwiches.

This food are great options of protein, easy to carry and last long time without spoil.o que comer em acampamento - vegetariano e vegano

Vegan lunch in the camping, with soy protein and vegetables (Image: Local Planet)

For Those that Eat Meat – what food to take for camping

  • Can of sardine or tuna
  • Salami and other sausages
  • Meat pate

Fresh meat spoil too fast if they aren’t refrigerated, so prefer canned food, sausages or dehydrated.

If you are coming to visit the Iguassu Falls, where is our birth place, see our post about camping in Foz do Iguaçu and Puerto Iguazú.comendo no acampamento em Socaire, Chile

In the camping in Socaire, in Atacama Desert – Chile (Image: Local Planet)

It is possible to eat well in the camping, doing crossings (that are long walks, camping in the way) or living inside a driving home. You just need the right ingredients!

What else do you take to eat in campings? Tell us in the comments! (:

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