We have looked around for places to eat in Foz do Iguaçu with vegan, vegetarian, organic, gluten-free and lactose-free options. In the list there are restaurants, coffee shops, snack bars, emporiums and fairs for people who live or are travelling around the city.

I am from Foz do Iguaçu and included in the guide the places I like to go, and also tips from other local people: Sandra Narita (vegan and organic fan) and Stela Guimarães (vegetarian, gluten intolerant and allergic to lactose).

Check the complete list or click in your section of interest below:

Restaurants in Foz do Iguaçu: Vegans, Vegetarians, Gluten-free and Lactose-free

Cheiro Verde

#Vegetarian #VeganOtions #AllYouCanEatBuffet #Lunch
Price: $ | 746, Tarobá Street | Phone: +55 (45) 3572-6748

Very tasty vegetarian culinary from Taiwan. Friendly price and a diversified all-you-can-eat buffet. Most of the dishes are fried. If you are a vegan, tell them and they will show you the options in the buffet and also prepare other things, like spring roll without cheese.

It’s placed downtown and a lot of local people eat there, including the ones that eat meat, since the tasty of the food is very good.


Cantina da Bea

#VegetarianOptions #VeganOptions #AllYouCanEatBuffet #Lunch
Price: $ | 425, Marechal Deodoro Street | Phone: +55 (45) 9936-1052

At Cantina da Bea you will find homemade food, totally free of chemical additives, several options of organic salads, diversified hot dishes (most of them are vegetarian), fresh and natural juices. There are 6 options of hot dishes, most of them are vegans, and 1 kind of meat.

All of this with the company of the sympathetic Bea, who prepares the meals and is owner of the restaurant in Foz do Iguaçu. Don’t leave without tasting the mango ceviche and the vegetarian feijoada (this one is served on Saturdays)!


Empório Pomare

#VegetarianOptions #VeganOptions #GlutenFree #LactoseFree #Lunch
Price: $$ | 1562, Marechal Deodoro Street | Phone: +55 (45) 3025-1201

As well as items to take, Pomare also has a Gourmet Place, where it offers:

  • At lunch time it has salads and also a different option of risotto every day. The foundation of the risottos are vegan and lactose-free (just ask it without cheese on the top). The vegetarian flavors are: arugula with sun-dried tomatoes, leek and funghi.
  • All day long, there are baked pastries (including of whole wheat dough), sandwiches, tapiocas, natural juices (there is even a power juice, with albumin, collagen and fibers) and others.

For those who follows a fitness menu, there are great options like pastries made by sweet potatoes, vegan supplements and special salad at lunch.


Sabor Mais Natural

#VegetarianOptions #VeganOptions #PayWhatYouWeighBuffet #Lunch
Price: $$ | 1466, Almirante Barroso Street | Phone: +55 (45) 3025-5700

Specialized in healthy food, the restaurant Sabor Mais Natural worries about preparing meals with low salt, fat and sugars.

The buffet includes several options of salads, hot dishes, meat, as well as vegetarian options. Everything is prepared carefully by the Chef Elieges Brambati, who is also a Nutritional Therapist.


Miss Laura

#GlutenFree #LactoseFree #VeganOptions #VegetarianOptions #Lunch

Price: $$ | 719, Tarobá Street | Phone: +55 (45) 3029-5577

With a totally gluten-free and lactose-free menu, the restaurant and bakery also offers vegan (a different dish every day) and vegetarian options. On Saturdays there is vegan feijoada at R$19,90, made by vegetables and mushrooms. Every day there are pastries, such as coxinha of vegetables, and also small vegan fried pastries to order.

The bakery serves all day long (from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.), serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and healthy snacks during the day. The place also counts with independent lines of products soy-free and free of white sugar.


Equilíbrio Gastronomia Funcional

#GlutenFree #LactoseFree #VeganOptions #VegetarianOptions #Lunch
Price: $$ | 719, Tarobá Street – Room 02 – Downtown | Phone: +55 (45) 3025-1707

The restaurant offers functional gastronomy, with products free from gluten, lactose, soy, nuts, white sugar and food additives. It is also a good option for low fat meals.

For vegans, there is vegan lunch every day: stuffed eggplant, stroganoff of mushrooms, rostie of vegetables al pomodoro. There are also vegan pastries, but to order. There are vegetarian pastries daily.


La Strega

#GlutenFree #VeganFree #Dinner
Price: $$$ | 458, Edmundo de Barros Street | Phone: (45) 3027-7946

Italian restaurant that also offers craft beers, wines and champagnes. I haven’t been at the restaurant yet, but have seen local people recommending and telling is is also a great place to have wines.

La Strega counts with a vegan menu, with options of vegetable meat dishes, green ravioli of  pumpkin cabotia and other pastas with sauces.

They also offer gluten-free pancakes, stuffed with parma, margherita, sun-dried tomato or meat with onion.


Fairs in Foz do Iguaçu: Vegetarians, Vegans and Organics


JK Fair

#Vegetarian #Multicultural
Price: $ | 256 – 330, Juscelino Kubitschek Avenue

The JK Fair happens every Sunday, from 7h30 a.m. to 12 p.m., in the center of Foz do Iguaçu. In the place there are some options of tents that offer healthy food, like:

  • Vegetarian Asiatic Tid-bits: at Bubble Tea, Mrs. Marta and her family are from Taiwan and offer the famous (and delicious!) Bubble Tea, which is made by vegetal milk and tapioca balls; sweet and savory taiwanese pastries; also semi-ready delicacies like shitake’s stem and pastries of vegetal meat to take home and prepare vegetarian dishes.
  • Arabian culinary with vegan and vegetarian options: at Sete Temperos there is familiar Arabian culinary, that offers falafel (fried scone of chickpeas), vegetarian kibbeh of ricotta and pates (vegans: hummus is made by chickpeas and babaganoush is made by smoked eggplant). They also take part in the Bosque Guarani Fair, that happens every Friday night in front of the zoo.

There is also vegetarian pasta with pumpkin at Ivone Massas, tapioca, açaí and others! These are our favorites, but there are even more options in there!


Feira Popular da Produção Familiar

Price: $ | Fortaleza Street, Vila C Nova Neighbourhood | Sundays: from 7h30 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Called Popular Fair of Family Production in English, it is an initiative of the students from the course of Rural Development and Food Safety at Unila (Federal University of the Latin America Integration), that is placed in Foz do Iguaçu.

The fair improves the incomes of local producers, since the selling and buying is done straight to the final consumer. The customers benefit themselves by acquiring fresher products and at a fairer price.


Unila and Unioeste Fair

#Organics #Vegans #LocalProducers
Price: $ | University Place of Unioeste and Unila (1300, Tarquinio Joslin dos Santos Avenue) | Tuesdays from 4h30 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Feira com produtores locais, que oferecem hortaliças, legumes e frutas orgânicas, além de pães, produtos coloniais e outros.


Anamaya Rincón Natural

#Vegan #ParaguayanCulinary
Price: $ | Fairs of Foz do Iguaçu | +595 (973) 127184

Anamaya Natural Point (translations from Spanish to English), from Ciudad del Este, offers vegan food, specially from Paraguayan culinary: chipa (kind of a Paraguayan cheese bread), chipa guazú (corn salty pie), mbeju (remembers tapioca), all of them made by manioc/cassava. There are also pies of fruits from the season, herbs teas, mate cocid and donation of fruit plants.

Anamaya is at Unila’s Agro Ecological Fair on Tuesdays and receives orders by her Fan Page on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Anamaya-Rinc%C3%B3n-Natural-601660273311557/. Soon, they will also be on Sundays at JK Fair and Fridays’ nights at Bosque Guarani Fair.


Turetta Verduras

#Organic #Vegetables #LocalProducer
Price: $ | 1395, Cosmoética Street – Cognópolis | Monday to Saturday: from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. | +55 (45) 9 9967-6781

The farmer Jelson Turetta, from Foz do Iguaçu, works for more than 40 years with agriculture, but for more than 20 decided to start a tillage 100% organic.

It is possible to meet his plantation and buy vegetables at the place, also at Pomare and at the supermarkets Ítalo, Muffato and Santa Inês.


Kioski Da Horta

Price: $ | km 3,5, Tancredo Neves Avenue | from 7h30 a.m. to 12h30 p.m.

Selling spot of fresh vegetables, planted in the same place.

Although they aren’t 100% organic, they avoid at most the usage of pesticides. I contacted them and they explained that “in the summer it is more complicated due to the flies, but in the winter there is no need to use pesticides”.


Emporiums and Stores in Foz do Iguaçu: Gluten-Free, Lactose-Free, Vegetarians and Vegans


Panelinha Saudável

#ToOrder #GlutenFree #LactoseFree #VeganOptions
Price: $$ | 39, Parnaíba Street | Phone: +55 (45) 3578-2336

Panelinha Saudável is specialized in products without: gluten, lactose, soy or refined sugar.

Among the delicious products are: breads, simple or party cakes, several types of pastries, as well as breakfast baskets and totally vegan options (there is even fried pastries for parties).

The business started from the union of Aline Aguayo, that found out to be gluten and lactose intolerant, with her brother Nelielson Aguayo, who has a degree in gastronomy.

Most of the products are made when ordered by phone or Facebook (to take in the place or for delivery), but it is also possible to buy some ready options. Check out the menu of Panelinha Saudável.


Foz Food

#Shopping #VeganParadise #Vegetarian
Price: $$ | 908, Carlos Gomes Avenue | Phone: +55 (45) 3027-5727

Store of foods like mushrooms (fresh or dehydrated), vegan cheese, vegan frozen pastries (like kibbehs), vegan sausages, special fruits like litchi and cherry, as well as imported like rice pasta, candies and Asian drinks.

It were vegetarian from Taiwan who recommended this place and we like very much the options we find there.


Empório Pomare

#Shopping #GlutenFree #LactoseFree #Vegetarian #Vegan
Price: $$$ | 1562, Marechal Deodoro Street – Downtown | Phone:+55 (45) 3025-1201

Store specialized in natural products, with products in bulk, fruits, vegetables, natural brewed breads, fresh pastas and others. They also offer gluten-free and lactose-free products.

At the emporium, there is also usually different actions, like free fruits for the children to appreciate while they are in there, and events, like being the meeting point of bike riding groups and start of street runnings.


Super Gadha

#Vegetarian #GlutenFree #LactoseFree #Vegan
Price: $$ | 473, Jorge Sanwais Street – Downtown | Phone: +55 (45) 3523-1175

Super Gadha is a traditional emporium, for more than 20 years in Foz do Iguaçu. The company is from a Lebanese descendant family, where parents and children run the business.

There are imported products, with great variety of Arabian products, like frozen falafel (vegan scone of chickpeas), dates, Arabian bread, sun-dried Turkish fig, fresh curd, among others. There is a small section of products gluten-free and lactose-free, as well as fruits and vegetables – all carefully chosen by Sir Mohamed. Both the family Mehanna and the other people in the team are very courteous.


Plush Vegan


Price: $ | Delivery | 9 a.m. to 7h30 p.m. | (45) 99937-2725

New initiative in the city, it has been helping lots of vegans! Sweets and savories delivery, prepared in the kitchen where animal products don’t get even close!

There are coxinhas of several fillings by unit or hundred (there is PTs, jackfruit, vegan cheese and Belgian chocolate), fried pastry filled with vegetables and Indian seasoning, sfiha (of four cheeses and palm heart), pizzas, cupcakes, vegan brigadeiro and beijinhos per hundred. You can check the up-to-date menu on the Facebook too.

They delivery by messages on the Fan Page of Facebook or by WhatsApp (45) 99937-2725. Some of the products are also available at Black Cat and Café com Arte.


Anne Sophie Bertrand

#Vegan #RawVegan #Organic

Price: $$ | Products at Foz Food (908, Carlos Gomes Street) and To Order

Vegan and raw vegan (raw and free from animal sources), also organics. Sophie offers jellies, cookies, Arabian pates (hummus and babaganoush), breads, butter, cheese bread, peanut butter and other delicious!

The products are on sale at Foz Food and can also can be ordered by the Facebook Fan Page and take it. She also gives courses, speeches and sells equipment such as dehydrators.


Mayer – in bulk products store

#Shopping #InBulk
Price: $ | 550, Fagundes Varela Street – Vila Portes | (45) 3528-6232

Very large store of products in bulk – I believe it is the largest of Foz do Iguaçu. Many friends have recommended there as being the cheapest place in the city.


Brasil Verde

#Shopping #InBulk
Price: $$ | 705, Brasil Avenue | Phone: +55 (45) 3029-9996

Store that sells products in bulk, like grains, seeds, seasonings, whole wheat products, between others. A thing that I like the most is that, as well as the in bulk options, they also arrange packages of different sizes. This makes it easier to buy and the price stays the same, since it’s the same of the price per kilo.



Coffee Shops and Snack Bars in Foz do Iguaçu: Vegans, Vegetarians, Gluten-free and Lactose-Free


Coxinharia 1950

#VeganOption #Snack
Price: $ | 2045, Almirante Barroso Street | +55 (45) 9155-1950

Snack bar specialized in coxinhas, with different options of doughs, like manioc/cassava or pumpkin cabotia. The vegetarian options are: palm heart (they don’t do any more the one with sun-dried tomato and creamy cheese) and the sweet options of churros, brigadeiros and dois amores (brigadeiro with beijinho). The vegan option is the coxinha filled with a mix of mushrooms, flambéed in ginger cognac (this options usually isn’t in the counter, but they fry at the time and take around 10 minutes).


Black Cat Café + Pop Art

#Vegetarian #GlutenFree #LactoseFree #Coffee

Price: $$ | 257, Edmundo de Barros Street | +55 (45) 3029-5939

They serve hot and cold coffees, tasty sweet and salty creations. There are vegetarian and vegan options, and there is always vegetable milk to substitute in any drink of the menu. For gluten and lactose intolerants, there is cheese bread and pot pies from Panelinha Saudável.

Black Cat fused to Pop Art store, so now they are a “coffee-store”, also offering a menu of stylist t-shirts of series, cinema, literature, music, gifts and decoration.


Delion Café

#Vegetarian #Coffee

Price: $ | 850, Quintino Bocaiúva Street | +55 (45) 3027-0059

They serve vegetarian options like empanadas filled with vegetables with ricotta and cheese with leek, cheese and whole wheat with spinach quiches, eggplant sandwich and three-cheese pasta at lunch (from 12 a.m. to 2 p.m.)

The coffee shop is in the center of Foz, with an internal room and also a wooden deck outside, very pleasant for a chit-chat.


Bubble Mix

#LactoseFree #Vegan

Price: $ | Catuaí Palladium Shopping Mall (3570, Cataratas Avenue) and Big Supermarket (2404. JK Avenue)

Kiosks that offer the addicting Bubble Tea, an Asian originated drink, that mixes teas, fruit essences, tapioca balls and creamer (without lactose).

In the menu there is Bubble Tea with fruits, green tea and black tea (with hot or ice options), as well as ice mate and frozen coffee.


Pérola Negra

#VeganOption #Hamburger #FoodTruck

Price: $ | Sending a WhatsApp message or checking on Facebook the address of the day | Phone and WhatsApp: +55 (45) 99950-3339

Pérola Negra Food Truck has one option of snack, called Jack Sparrow, with a vegan vegetable hamburger and with fries. We tried and found it very tasty, and also the size of the sandwich is quite generous. This one is R$15.

They are always driving around the city, at Gramadão in Vila A, Tetris, events, among others. So send them a message or follow Pérola Negra Facebook to check the address of the day.

Note: vegans of Foz do Iguaçu gave me the hint to add the information that the vegan snack is prepared in the same plate as the meat, so it may contain traces of animal origin.



#VegetarianOptions #VeganOptions #Sandwiches
Price: $ | 1119, Brasil Avenue – Downtown | Phone: +55 (45) 3028-2251

Traditional restaurant in Foz do Iguaçu, Barbarela is specialized in juices, vitamins, smoothies and natural sandwiches.

Vegetarian options: sandwiches with cheese minas, sun-dried tomato, boiled egg, salad, mushroom, ricotta with spinach and others

Vegan options: french bread with eggplant (also with capsicum, baked onions and salad), pickles (with homemade mayonnaise without eggs).



#GlutenFree #Hamburger

Price: $$ | 1966, Silvio Américo Sasdelli Avenue – Vila A or 858, Cataratas Avenue, Vila Yolanda (inside Falls Food Park) | +55 (45) 3029-1661

Snack bar in Vila A (Itaipu side of the city) or at the food court Falls Food Park, specialized in homemade hamburger. Offers a gluten-free bread option from Panelinha Saudável!



Have more tips of where to eat healthy food in Foz do Iguaçu? Leave them in the comments!


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