Come with us to some Brazil destinations, looking for adventure tourism in the Southeast region!

The end of year’s vacation was coming and we weren’t sure about what to do yet. The only thing we already knew was that we were going to spend the Christmas in the state of Espírito Santo with Gabriel’s family, we’ve chosen the most hard-working way of travelling (but also the most funny).

We left by car on a 3-week trip through the most alternative places of the Southeast of Brazil:

Mountains and rural tourism not very famous of Espírito Santo, natural beauties and the biggest open air art center in Minas Gerais, besides beaches where cars aren’t able to enter and with seaside campings in Rio de Janeiro.

This trip is summed up on the first video of Local Planet. So turn the volume up and play on:

Adventure Brazil Destinations – Southeast

Our ambitious plans aimed rock climbing, mountain trekking, relaxing on the beach and snorkeling.  

So Gabriel searched places on the way, saved some contacts of inn houses, campings and maps on the cell phone. #TripPlanning

However, we had some options up our sleeve in case there were unexpected weather situations, problems on the road or even our tiredness, we’d still have great options to enjoy during the path.

With him I’ve been learning to worry less about the planning, letting the things surprise us on the way. And the surprises are usually good, very good. (:

The Southeast region of Brazil keeps a lot of beauty and even getting to know only some of them, it was wonderful!

The places that are on the video are:


Espírito Santo


√ Três Pontões

The Três Pontões mountain is in Afonso Cláudio, which belongs to a circuit in the mountain range of the state. The track is short, 6 km to go and get back, but with a very steep path. The place is located in a particular area the track leaves at an inn house, with a guide. It already starts in 820 meters height and gets to 1.100.

Guide contact: Itamar (27) 998459473 / [email protected]

√ Pedra Azul

We stayed in Domingo Martins, where the beautiful mountain Pedra Azul is and it’s also a Brazil destination of rural tourism.

We really enjoyed buying direct from the farmers items like: strawberry, mushroom, wine, homemade pasta and fruit. The producing places are spread through all the city.

√ Vitória

Capital of the state, which for me is the mix of the natural beauties of Rio de Janeiro with a bit of Minas Gerais and Bahia cultures.

We went to visit family, but also did a lot of thing in there, like enjoying the beaches of Ilha do Boi, visiting the Convent Nossa Senhora do Carmo and the Science Park.


Minas Gerais


√ Inhotim Institute

This place should be part of the dream list of every person – even of those who aren’t art fans. The experience is of immersion, passing through galleries and modern art accommodations…you just can’t tell what the most amazing one is. And everything surrounded by a breathtaking botanical garden!

√ Serra do Cipó

National Park with an “enchanted” forest, full of waterfalls, tracks, caverns and high level climbing crags. We stayed one week there but wanting to stay even more!

We stayed on the newly founded shelter of the incredible Tom, Árvore do Viajante. Besides friend, a great guide, who’s taken us to best climbing places and gave the best betas.

Camping, Hostel and Guide: Tom, (31) 99649-4243

√ Tabuleiro

Just the sight-seeing of the 273 meters height waterfall would’ve be worth it! But it gets even better, because you can take the track until there, swim and get very close to the cascade.


Rio de Janeiro


√ Praia do Sono

The beach belong to the county of Paraty, but it’s a bit away. It’s a fishing village, where the access is only by track or by boat. There you’ll find seaside campings, no cars and a lot of natural beauties!

Punta Negra Beach:

Also a very beautiful beach, that’s near Praia do Sono. The track between the beaches is wonderful, with many other beaches on the way, waterfalls that ends on the sea and breathtaking landscapes.


Suggestion of Itinerary and Schedule


  • Day 1: Road or trip
  • Day 2: Paraty and Praia do Sono (RJ)
  • Day 6: Paraty (RJ) – Vitória (ES)
  • Day 9: Vitória (ES) – Pedra Azul (ES)
  • Day 12: Pedra Azul (ES) – Serra do Cipó (MG)
  • Day 17: Serra do Cipó (MG) – Inhotim (MG)
  • Day 20: – Inhotim (MG) – back trip

Have a nice trip!


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