On one side of Foz do Iguaçu is placed the National Park and its imposing waterfalls, on the other there is one of the biggest hydroeletrics of the planet. On the way, even more actvities and touristic attractions. You can see the city and its region are really amazing.

So if oyu don’t have much time to stay around, like 1 or 2 days, I recommend planning your itinerary not to lose these places. Keep on reading to check the tips that only a local person could give: 😉

 1. Iguacu Falls and National Park

Parque Nacional do Iguaçu - Iguazu National Park
Image: Manuela Sanches, Local Planet

The Iguassu Falls are between the main postcards of Brazil and they are located in Foz do Iguaçu – PR. They are part of the Iguassu National Park, wich is binational, placed both in Brazil and Argentina.

The 275  waterfalls of the park have their high up to 80 meters and they are the biggest waterfalls in the world in volum, with an average of 1,3 million of liters per second. o.O

For informations about time, entrance fare and more tips, take a look at our Complete Guide os the Iguacu Falls.

2. Birds’ Park

parque das aves foz do iguaçu
Image: Parque das Aves

It’s a park in the middle of the Atlantic Forest, with more than 1.000 birds, butterfly farm and hummingbirds. It is possible to get into big farms where tucanos follow us next to the catwalk, blue and red macaws fly low over our heads.  

Many people, like me, find it cruel to keep animals inside cages, depriving their freedom. To our happines, the Birds’ Park is different from many zoos and other parks. Find out the reason on the complete post about the Bird’s Park. #animalovers #weheartanimals

Local tip! You can visit the Iguassu Falls, enjoy Macuco Safari tour and Birds’ Park on the same day, since they place very near from each other.

3. Macuco Safari

Macuco Sáfari nas Cataratas do Iguaçu
Image: Loumar Turismo

Macuco Safari on the Iguassu Falls is a tour made with an inflatable boat, that allows a closer contact with the Falls. So close that everyone end up wet on the bus! The first part is done in a cart pulled by an eletric car between the Atlantic Forest, then there’s a 600-meters walk, arriving at the boat bording place. The boats are big and supports until 25 people.

The fare of Macuco Safari is around R$180,00 and is bought aside from the National Parks entrance. It is possible to buy the ticket inside the Park and there are many tours, every 15 minutes.

Local tip! If you intend to visit the Iguazu Falls in Argentina, the tour with the inflatable boat is cheaper there, at around R$90,00. At the Argentinian’s side there isn’t the electric car part, the walk to get to the boarding place is longer and steep, but for the people who are used to practice exercises it is just fine (and you save some money)!


4. Itaipu Hydroelectric Power Plant

Usina Hidrelétrica de Itaipu
Image: Divulgação

Itaipu is a binational hydroelectric power plant, on the border of Brazil and Paraguay, located on the Paraná River. The dam was built by the both countries between 1975 and 1982, period when both were governed by military ditactorships.

To receive the visitors, Itaipu Tourist Complex offer visits on the inside and outside area of the plant as choices. Check all the options on Itaipu official website.    

Local tip! Book the Especial Circuit tour, to see the part inside the dam. At the traditional tour you will only have a panoramic visit on the place (wich is also interesting, but the other option is even more).

5. Mark of the Three Borders

Marco das Três Fronteiras em Foz do Iguaçu
Image: h2foz.com.br

Three countries, three obelisks, two rivers. Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina seen from the same spot, separated by the imponent rivers Iguaçu and Paraná. Mark of the equality and respect between the three nations, the three points form a triangle with all equal sides.

The Three Borders Mark is placed 6Km from the city center, so it is easy to get there by car, taxi or bus. The fare to visit the touristic point is R$15,00 and you will find a belvedere, a restaurant named Boteco Cabeza de Vaca, souvenir store and parking lot.

Local tip! In Puerto Iguazu, Aregentina (16Km from the Foz city center), there’s also a Mark, with a free visitors area! It’s an open air place with a water and lights show (every hour, from 5p.m. on), reproducing with projections typical dances of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. Besides, it’s placed the Costanera of Iguaçu River, wich is a pleasant place to go for a walk, longboarding, take the children to play and use the free Wi-fi (Puerto Iguazu city hall representing!).   


Do you have more than 2 days to be in the city?

So take a look on Alternative Things to Do in Foz do Iguacu – far beyond the Falls.  


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