In our passing through Bolivia during our trip around South America, we were lucky to be in the town of Sucre just when the 2016 tour of Inkafest was taking place, on the 25th and 26th of October.

Keep on reading to get to know more about the festival and watch climbing and mountaineering videos that were selected:


A project from the NGO Mountain & Culture from Peru, with the intention to bring together the sports community and the local population, the Inkafest Mountain Film Festival is a tour of adventurous films exhibition in South America.  

The films enrolled by their producers for free, then the ones thats are selected by the festival committee or by the public are displayed in a tour around Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador. If you are interested in inscribing a film or helping them on expanding the exhibition to other regions, get in touch by [email protected].

Climbing and Mountaineering Videos

We will share here the rock climbing and mountaineering videos, since they are the sports that we practice the most, but in the festival there are also films of sky, windsurfing, canoeing, adventure race, mountain biking and others.

Viaje de Cristal

Name in English: Crystal Trip

A Big Wall of 1.000m in Minas Gerais, Brazil, never climbed before and four Argentinian climbers decided to conquer: Cintia Percivati, Horacio Greatton, Maria Jose Moises e Nacho Elorza.

The result of this challenge, accomplished in 2014 in Pedra Riscada, is a movie produced by Noel Martinez de Aguirre, that has already produced works like “Fitz Roy, stories of a feat” – source Blog de Escalada.


Name in English: Rise

Ascención is nothing less than an animated short film (!) with a quality never seen before in the history of mountaineering films all over the world.

“With an impressive realism in details, landscapes and an interesting story that shows beyond great technical capacity, mountaineering knowledge” – source Blog de Escalada.

Another curious fact is that the film was produced in France by five visual arts students as a graduation project: Thomas Bourdis, Caroline Domergue, Martin de Coudenhove, Colin laubry e Florian Vecchione.

Urko, Escalando el Presente

Name in English: Urko, Climbing the Present

A documentary from 2015 about the Spanish athlete Urko Carmona, world champion of paraclimbing, directed by Vicente Holgado.

“During two years we got into the particular universe of this young climber, that with 14 years old has lost a leg in a traffic accident. A story of overcoming, friendship and strength that puts us close to his philosophy of life” – source official description of the film.

Água Blanca

Name in English: White Water

Mexican film about mountaineering, produced in 2014, Água Blanca is “an adventurous drama, which tell the last days of life of Mauro, an old man in love with the mountains and that has a close relationship with his grandson Sebastián, that helps him making his last dream true: climbing until the top of Iztaccíhuatl” – source Freeman, festival of Mexico.

The mountain showed in the film in the third highest of Mexico, with 5.230m of altitude.

Mujer Montaña

Name in English: Mountain Woman

Non-profit project, that looks after female climbing and mountaineering in South America, Mujer Montaña promotes international meetings to share experiences, rises and climbings on the several mountain ranges of the continent.

The video was displayed on the festival and shows the meeting done in Ecuador in 2016.


I unfortunately didn’t find more information or videos on the internet about this. In case you have, please leave a comment here in the post!


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