If you are the kind of person that enjoys some adrenaline, won’t be disappointed in Foz do Iguassu. The Iguassu Falls tour is breathtaking, but taking a sneak peek at the Itaipu Dam while trying skydive is even more thrillingWatch the video to check out a bit of this thrill: 

Independently of living here or be just visiting the city, this is an unmissable tip for the adventure lovers that likes to get that cold feet which makes one feel even more alive. On this post, we will share with you a complete guide about one of the most adventurous tours on the triple border: the Skydive Foz. Keep on reading to find tips about:

  • What is the Skydive Foz
  • Get to know better about the parachute jumping
  • Requirements to parachute
  • What to wear for parachuting
  • Best options to record the parachute jumping
  • Extra tips

What is the Skydive Foz?

The Skydive Foz is a school of parachuting that offers courses for beginners or enthusiasts that wish to improve the skills, tandem jumps for people who don’t have experience or knowledge about the sport and also offers parachute jumping for athletes and professionals.   

The jumpings are done according to the high security standard regulated by the Brazilian Parachuting Confederation and counts with the most safe equipments. The plane, Pilatus Porter PC-6 made in Switzerland, used for the parachute jumpings, is considered one of the best in the world for skydiving practice.

About the skydive jump 

To jump by yourself in Skydive Foz, it is necessary to have all the licenses regulated and updated, as the Brazilian Parachuting Confederation requires.

In case you aren’t a professional and it’s just looking for some adrenaline, so the tandem parachute jumping is perfect for you, which is done with an instructor.

All the process, since the prep, instructions until getting back to the ground, takes around 3 hours. It’s about 40 seconds of freefall (which seems to be forever) and 8 minutes of a peaceful fly – with the open parachute – having the amazing view over the Itaipu Dam. 

Tip: Book your skydiving for the end of the afternoon and enjoy your jumping with one of the most beautiful sunsets in Brazil! It’s fascinating!

Requirements to parachute jumping

To perform the parachute jumping is necessary to be, at least, 18 years old. For the younger guys, but adrenaline lovers, it is allowed to jump from 16 years old on, only under the parents’ permission, though. There is also a weight limitation, which is of 95 kg (209 pounds) with the cloths and shoes on. There is an extra fee every 10 kg (22 pounds) surplus and people over than 130kg (286 pounds) cannot jump.  

Besides that, if you enjoy having a drink, pay attention. The consumption of alcoholic beverage before the jumping isn’t allowed and people that have practiced scuba diving or did blood donation until 24 hours before are also unable to skydiving. These procedures are adopted for safety issues.

Without forgetting the inclusion vibe, people with special needs can also enjoy this experience, since they are previously evaluated by the Skydive Foz staff.

And if you think you’re too old for such an adventure sport, learn that there isn’t an age limit to do parachuting. Watch the video of Gradma Iaia, with 103 years old, jumping at Skydive Foz:

What to Wear for skydiving

Being aware that you are going to enter into a plane and jump from it at over 3.000 meters high, it’s best not having anything bothering you. Therefore, it is recommended to wear sports and comfortable clothes and flexible shoes, like sneakers. Sandals, boots and high heels are not allowed.

How to record the parachute jumping

The experience of skydiving is incredible and deserves to be reminded forever. With no doubt, you will be up to some photos and maybe even a video of this adventurous tour. Skydive Foz offers two ways of having the record of this thrilling experience, take a look!

  • Handcam: a video recording with a small camera which the instructor himself take on his hands. It doesn’t take photos, only a video recording the face of the passenger during the parachuting.
  • Professional Image: a professional photographer jumps at the same time as you and takes photos and videos of high quality. They are more than 200 photos since the ground moments, going up and during the jumping. It’s worth it!

Extra information

The Skydive Foz staff is attentive and easy-going, something that can be very helpful if the fear is still winning out. Nevertheless, there’s no need to feel held down. The place counts with a cool structure also for the visitors, with a snack bar, climatized environment and it’s placed in a super good vibes space, where it’s possible to hang out in the afternoon enjoying a beautiful sunset and an ice cold “tererê”.     

In case of bad weather, the parachute jumping cannot be done, and it is necessary to book again according to the availability of the school. But if the adventure is already payed and you can’t come back another day, don’t worry, because you will be refunded. The parachuting must be booked online in the Skydive Foz website.

Have an excellent and thrilling skydiving! Then tell us about it!

Images: SkydiveFoz