The South America is a vast continent and full of surprises.

Rich culture, colossal size mountains, deserts of altitude paradisiacal beaches wait for the adventurous buddies.

We feel privileged to be about to embark ona journey around our continent. This dream has already become a plan and soon, it will be reality!

So keep on reading to meet the itinerary of this adventure, that can also help (or inspire) you plan your trip throughout South America. 

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Places: Argentina – Quebrada de Las Flechas; Brasil – Chapada Diamantina; Bolívia – Salar de Uyuni; Peru – Cordillera Blanca


South America Itinerary: Adventure Tourism

We want to visit iconic places of our America, like Machi Picchu, Salar de Uyuni and the Titicaca Lake.

Also non-explored places, but incredible too, like Quebrada de las Flechas in Argentina and Peru beaches.

Then, searching for nature, culture, walking, rock climbing, surf and meditation we created an adventure itinerary,

The scenery couldn’t be more ideal.The South America is one of the first adventure tourism destinations of the planet, because of its unequaled natural beauties!

It will be 16.000 Km, going through 5 countries on a 5-month trip.

The track we planned resulted in a belt that goes throught the following countries:

  • ArgentinaNorth of the country
  • Chileregion of San Pedro of Atacama
  • Boliviaall the country
  • Perufrom South until the Cordillera Blanca
  • Brazil – mainly the North and Midwest region

We want to share the route we created to our car trip, but can also be used partly for shorter trips ou destination tips.

We created a map using My Maps at Google, a tool that allows to share the track with you and also open with Google Maps.

Our Itineray > Sail inside the map below, applying more or less zoom and dragging. It is also possible to cilck on the letters to see the name of the places and click on the star to save on your maps:

On the map above we created separated routes to each country, so there are letters “A”s at the beginning of each one.

We will leave from Foz do Iguaçu, our homeland, wich is just a few km from Argentina. There, we’ll cross the border, heading the North of the country, to get to the Cordilheira dos Andes.  

By forming a meander line throughout this wonderful mountain chain, we will get to teh North of Chile, where we’ll explore the San Pedro of Atacama region.  

On Peru, we will go by trekking (walking) from 5.000 m of altitude to the sea level, getting to know the beautiful seashore, that counts with perfect waves for surf.

After that, we are going to come back to our beloved Brazil, entering in Acre State. Then, pass through our incredible Chapadas: Guimarães, Viadeiros and Diamantina, besides part of the Brazilian seashore.

Everything by car, driving for about 5 months.

This is the initial plan, but we’re sure that it’s going to change many times during the trip. We are curious to find out the surprises thats awaits for us!

After all, the most important is not the destiny… it’s the journey. Viajando de carro


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